Garage Shelters

TYP  UNIVERSAL (3 x 5 m)
This is the most favourite garage shelter throughout our whole offer. Delivery of this particular type is solely with our assembling because of complicated process of assembly(the price of it is already included in standing charge of product), therefore this particular type is inappropriate for self-assembly.
Price: 28.990 CZK (within VAT)
Type 300 A
A practical garage shelter to protect your car from bad weather.
Price: 41.990 CZK (within VAT)
Type 301 A
A garage stall similar to Model 300 A, this one shelters two cars.
Price: 66.990 CZK (within VAT)
Type 300 B
A garage shelter designed for where clear passageway is required.
Price: 36.990 CZK (within VAT)
Type 301 B
A practical garage stall sheltering two cars, in a drive-through version.
Price: 60.990 CZK (within VAT)